On this page we aim to collect project-related scientific publications, preprints and posters.

Contributions by the SciGRID authors:

  • W. Medjroubi, U.P. Müller, M. Scharf, C. Matke, D. Kleinhans, Peer Reviewed Paper: Open Data in Power Grid Modelling: New Approaches Towards Transparent Grid Models. Energy Reports,Volume 3, November 2017, Pages 14-21, ISSN 2352-4847, 2017. [PDF] [Open Access]

  • C. Matke, D. Bienstock, G. Munoz, S. Yang, D. Kleinhans, S. Sager Peer Reviewed Proceedings Paper: Robust optimization of power network operation: storage devices and the role of forecast errors in renewable energies. Advances in Energy System Optimization. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications (COMPLEX NETWORKS 2016), Milan (Italy), 2017. [Paper online] [Conference homepage]

  • C. Matke, W. Medjroubi, D. Kleinhans, S. Sager, Peer Reviewed Proceedings Paper: Structure Analysis of the German Transmission Network using the Open Source Model SciGRID. Advances in Energy System Optimization. Proceedings of the first International Symposium on Energy System Optimization (ISESO 2015), Heidelberg, Germany. 2016. [Paper online] [Conference homepage]

  • C. Matke, W. Medjroubi, D. Kleinhans, Poster: SciGRID - An Open Source Model of the European Power Transmission Network. Mathematics and Physics of Multilayer Complex Networks, Dresden, Germany. 2015. [PDF] [Workshop homepage]

Contributions from other authors:

  • B. Wiegmans, Master Thesis: Improving the Topology of an Electric Network Model Based On Open Data. Energy and Sustainability Research Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. 2015. [PDF]

  • M. Rohden, et al., Paper: "Cascading Failures in AC Electricity Grids." arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.06733 (2016). [PDF] accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. E.

  • S. Schroedter, Master Thesis: Development of an Open Source Tool for Calculation of Power Flows in SciGRID. University of Oldenburg, Next Energy, Germany. 2016.

  • D. Jung and S. Kettemann, Paper: "Long-Range Response in AC Electricity Grids." Phys. Rev. E. 94, 012307(2016). Just published and is an editors' suggestion.

We would be glad for the opportunity to cover also project-related publications from other authors. If you used SciGRID and would like to have your contribution listed here please let us know.